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Weekly ThemeX Index: Accepted Resignation

Within the Context Analytics Unstructured Data Terminal, ThemeX allows users to uncover critical insights from government filings, including our recent findings on the phrase “Accepted Resignation”. Our analysis reveals a clear and significant negative correlation between the phrase and short-term returns.

With the ever-growing volume of data available, finding the right information can be challenging. That's where ThemeX, a tool on the Context Analytics Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT), comes into play. The UDT is the first product to seamlessly integrate machine-readable filings, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) data, earnings transcripts, and social sentiment. The UDT offers a holistic approach to market analysis. In this blog, we'll delve into ThemeX and its capabilities, focusing on its impact in tracking major personnel changes within companies and how this information can be used for business intelligence and risk assessment.


ThemeX is a unique tool within the Context Analytics UDT that empowers users to search for specific phrases across government filings and instantly identify instances where those phrases are mentioned. This functionality is invaluable for tracking trends over time, making it a powerful tool for professionals across various industries.


With ThemeX, users have the flexibility to explore trends and patterns themselves. You're not limited to predefined metrics or criteria. This empowers you to tailor your research to your specific needs and objectives, making it an ideal solution for professionals seeking customized insights.

illustrative example of a search result

Companies often utilize the phrase “Accepted Resignation” in their filings to formally acknowledge and communicate substantial changes in their leadership or management structure. These changes often encompass the resignation of top executives, board members, or other key personnel. The inclusion of this phrase in a filing serves as a transparent disclosure, alerting stakeholders to important developments that may impact the company’s future direction and stability.


The majority of the discovered files for this search are 8-Ks, typically containing press releases with time-sensitive information. The breakdown of the different file types we found is as follows:

breakdown of the different file types

Given that most of these files pertain to news and require swift reactions, we developed a weekly strategy to assess the impact of filings containing “Accepted Resignation”. For each week, we created a bucket containing companies with such filings, mapping them to the end of the trading week. We entered the position at the end of the trading week, held until the end of the subsequent week, and calculated returns. We rebucketed securities at the end of each week with each security equally weighted. This approach allows us to consistently reassess our holdings each week in response to new filings. We employed this trading strategy starting in 2021 to gauge the short-term effects of this specific language in filings.




short-term effects of this specific language in filings

In our analysis, we observed an average of 6.7 filings per week containing the phrase “Accepted Resignation”. While this may not represent a substantial sample size, it revealed a clear negative impact associated with this phrase. The Accepted Resignation portfolio experienced an annual loss of nearly 20% since the beginning of 2021 through August of 2023, in stark contrast to the baseline SPY index, which gained 7.85% annually. Cumulatively, the Accepted Resignation portfolio incurred a loss exceeding 50%. These results demonstrate the negative correlation between “Accepted Resignation” and short-term returns.


In conclusion, ThemeX within the Context Analytics Unstructured Data Terminal is a powerful tool that empowers investors to uncover valuable insights by searching for specific phrases in government filings. Its flexibility makes it an ideal solution for customized analysis. Our research on the phrase "Accepted Resignation" illustrates the tool's impact in tracking major personnel changes within companies and its potential for informing business intelligence and risk assessment. By consistently reassessing holdings, we observed a clear negative correlation between this phrase and short-term returns, highlighting the significance of ThemeX in today's data-driven landscape. For more information on this tool, click the button below or email us at

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