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Press Release Widget Case Study

The Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT) powered by Context Analytics is an insightful platform that brings together Corporate Filings data, Earnings Transcripts, and Social Sentiment metrics into a single, intuitive dashboard. This consolidation of diverse unstructured data sources allows users to quickly find essential information and detect emerging trends, all within a unified environment.


One of newest features of the UDT is the Press Release Widget. This widget provides a comprehensive overview of all 8-Ks and 6-Ks filed within the last 36 hours, complete with summarizing sentiment metrics. The negativity percentage (Neg %) is a crucial metric we've highlighted in our research. It has been observed that a high negativity ratio often correlates with adverse effects on stock prices.

UDT Press Release widget

The UDT's Press Release Widget allows users to sort and filter information based on the negativity percentage. This capability empowers users to identify companies that may be experiencing negative sentiment around their recent filings. We recently used the tool to identify SunPower Corporation, which exhibited an abnormally high negativity ratio coupled with a significant number of hits. This finding prompted further investigation.

abnormally high negativity ratio coupled with a significant number of hits

Upon clicking on the SunPower Corporation's 8-K filing in the UDT, we noticed that it was classified as item 4.02, indicating non-reliance on previous financial reporting. A red overlay highlighted the negative sentiment in the text, with a disclosure stating that their audited financial statements should no longer be relied upon. Furthermore, the company admitted a material weakness in its internal control of financial reporting.

SunPower non-reliance on previous financial reporting

To gauge the significance of this release, we used the ThemeX tool within the UDT to see how often such an issue was reported by other companies. We found that only 262 companies had released this specific category of 8-Ks in the previous year, making it relatively rare in comparison to the vast universe of companies reporting to the SEC.


SunPower 8k with ThemeX

SunPower Corporation released this 8-K at 4:34 PM on October 24th. Since that point, the stock price has plummeted by 11%, underscoring the potential impact of negative sentiment and disclosure issues on stock prices.

Stock price decrease


This blog has showcased how the Press Release Widget within the Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT) from Context Analytics can be a vital tool for investors and analysts to stay ahead of market events and mitigate risk. By monitoring the negativity ratio and the number of hits, and cross-referencing with other tools like ThemeX, investors can identify potentially market-moving events early on, allowing for informed decisions. For more information on the UDT or search on the negativity ratio, visit or click the button below!

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