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Partner Widgets provided by Context Analytics

Context Analytics (CA) provides widgets to brokerages, trading platforms, hedge funds and many more financial institutions. All of CA’s widgets are mobile app friendly, iframe compatible and easily customizable to fit all your firm’s needs. Below are some screenshots and short descriptions of some of our widgets we’ve created with our various partners.


buzz widget

This is the widget we collaborated with a partner to create. In this widget, the two main metrics highlighted are Buzz Score and Normalized Buzz Volume. Buzz score is CA’s S-Score, which measures a security’s current sentiment compared to its own historical baseline. The Normalized Buzz Volume is CA’s SV-Score, which measures unusual Twitter Volume on a topic.


mobile widget

Here are some mobile widget examples- Top and Bottom sentiment lists that clicks to an order ticket. This widget drives engagement with new trade ideas. It also helps users identify stocks with the most extreme sentiment at a given time.


Social sentiment data fields

Social Sentiment data fields can also be incorporated into traditional screener / scanner form. Fields like Sentiment Score, and Tweet Volume can be added as data columns in addition to the traditional price factors to provide another source of information


desktop based widget

Another desktop-based widget that highlights sentiment fields on a security page, including current sentiment and volume score, sentiment change, source diversity and buzz score which compares the Tweet volume on a topic with a universe of topics, providing a cross sectional view of unusual Twitter activity.


Sentiment Odometer & Trend

Here is a group of widgets with another partner: Sentiment Odometer & Trend, Top and Bottom 10 social sentiment, and Accurate Accounts widgets (long and short side). The Accurate Account widgets offers a unique viewpoint by aggregating expectations from the Twitter users for individual stocks highlights who are historically proved accurate. Different outlook horizon can also be selected at 1-Day, 2-Day, 1-Week, 1-Month.


4 mini widgets

The last example we would like to showcase is a widget group with four mini widgets- Top and Bottom sentiment reports, Short Squeeze report, and Security Lookup. In the Short Squeeze report, we provide real time volume metrics for Tweets containing any ‘Short Squeeze’ keywords about a certain security. This widget is based on the highly demanded ‘Short Squeeze’ data feed since the reddit retail frenzy.


S-score and S-Volume

Security Lookup page provides visual representation of S-Score and S-Volume trends. Context is also provided for what is driving the social sentiment in real time with the Top Topics section. Summary stats around the return characteristics are also provided when securities have an extremely positive/negative sentiment, answering the important question of ‘So What’ and how the users can take action on the signal.



If you would like to learn more about how Context Analytics can help your team create a customizable widget, please