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News Widget Key Features

At Context Analytics, we're excited to announce a significant enhancement to our product, the Unstructured Data Terminal (UDT). Building upon its robust foundation, we are proud to introduce the integration of real-time news, further empowering users with actionable insights and a competitive edge in today's markets.


The UDT has set the standard for comprehensive unstructured data aggregation and market intelligence. By seamlessly integrating Machine-Readable Filings, ESG data, earnings transcripts, and social media sentiment analysis into a unified platform, the UDT has enabled users to glean valuable insights from disparate sources with efficiency. With the addition of real-time news integration, the UDT reaches new heights of functionality and utility. This latest enhancement enables users to access breaking news, market updates, and relevant articles directly within the UDT dashboard, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms or sources. The purpose of this blog is to detail the new key features of the added News Widget.


  1. Live News Stream: Stay informed with a live stream of news articles curated from reputable sources across the web. The News Integration ensures that users have access to the latest developments and market trends in real time.

    On the home page, the stream compares recent news stories with other market components displayed alongside other widgets. Each article includes a ticker tagged at the bottom left and the source above the headline. Clicking on "Show more" provides the full article, and clicking on the headline will take you directly to the original source.

    stream compares recent news stories with other market components
    "Show more" provides the full article
  2. Company-Specific: Tailor your news feed to focus on a watchlist or specific industries. With customizable filters, users can refine their search criteria to receive targeted updates relevant to their investment strategies.

    For example, when searching for Nvidia (NVDA), the company page features a news tab exclusively displaying articles tagged with NVDA. Here, users can find updates such as ratings changes and information ahead of their big earnings release.

    Nvidia (NVDA) search

  3. Classification Options: Choose from a range of classification options to refine your news feed further. Whether you're interested in articles related to rating changes, stake movements, or merger and acquisition news, the News Widget offers flexibility to meet your needs.

    For instance, if an analyst wishes to stay informed about price targets from various firms, they can select the "Price Targets" classification to exclusively stream articles relevant to that topic.

"Price Targets" classification to exclusively stream articles relevant to that topic

The real-time news integrated into the UDT dashboard provides analysts with a unified platform, enhancing efficiency and productivity in navigating the financial landscape. With access to real-time news, Machine Readable Filings, ESG data, and earnings transcripts, analysts can swiftly identify opportunities and risks, reacting promptly to emerging trends. This consolidated approach streamlines workflow, maximizing productivity, and empowering analysts to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on market opportunities with confidence.


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