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Emergence of AI in 2023

In recent years, but even more since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, companies are making significant investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), trying to stay ahead of the competition. Context Analytics (CA) ThemeX search engine enables investors to identify crucial keywords and phrases, allowing them to analyze the impact of trends on various companies across multiple industries and sectors.

Below is an example of CA’s ThemeX search engine, retrieving all SEC Filings mentioning AI synonyms since the beginning of 2023. After clicking ‘Search’, users can see that the phrase, “artificial intelligence”, was mentioned in 206 unique SEC filings, across 171 companies, in just over a month’s time.

example of CA’s ThemeX search engine

Below is a screenshot from Amazon’s most recent 10-K from last week using CA’s ThemeX search. This provides investors with a quick way to pinpoint specific words and phrases without having read entire reports. Below, Amazon intends to use AI and machine learning to improve their users’ experiences online and help people better familiarize themselves with AI and other emerging technologies.

from Amazon’s most recent 10-K from last week

While many believe the adoption of AI is only relevant towards technology companies, Advanced Health Intelligence states below in their most recent 20-F, that they will soon be utilizing AI to analyze specific patients’ various skin conditions, highlighting the versatility of AI.

Advanced Health Intelligence statement

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